Girls soccer
Two boys near the %22Schoolyard Habitat Site%22 sign at Jefferson's prairie.
Two girls planting in Jefferson's prairie.
Boys Soccer


our new and returning students to a new school year! We are dedicated to providing a positive, student-centered learning atmosphere that aims to empower our students with skills for life!

… YOU!

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By The Numbers


The amount raised by our students during our "Jefferson Gives Back Fundraiser."  The money supported the Aurora Strong Foundation.


The number of before-or-after-school clubs offered at Jefferson Middle School, such as: IMSA Fusion, Stand for the Silent, Early Morning Choir, Makers Club, Student Council, Drama Club, Chess Club, WE Club, and MyTime!


The number of sports teams offered at Jefferson Middle School!


The number plants added to our prairie by our students this past spring! Our 16,000 square-foot prairie was installed in 2018, and supports science education at Jefferson Middle School and West Aurora High School.